Hello there! We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to the Mind Solutions website.

Are you excited about the possibility of using just your mind to control various things in your everyday life? We do hope you are because this is what we are engaged in. We feel that we simply need to equip you with the necessary technologies in order for you to really unlock the possibilities of the human mind.

Mind Solutions was founded by Frank Greene, a recent graduate who started tinkering with applications and technologies when he was just a student. He was fascinated with unlocking the possibilities of the human mind through the use of applications that will enable people to control their environment and the materials around them. He started by developing gaming technologies and he achieved a lot of success in it, with the support of his friends and colleagues.

This is how Mind Solutions started. Then Frank created a company with his trusted friends who have their own expertise and vision of the future. Now, they are engaged in different fields — there is still gaming, now there is also security and defense, and the recently started applications for the home.

Mind Solutions envisions that the future will be a better one with the use of technologies that will expand the power of the mind. We hope that you also share that vision because we are encouraging you to let us know what kind of applications you’d like to see in the future. This is because our goal is to develop technologies that will be really usable and have practical applications. As such, feel free to hit the Contact Us button and let us know what you have in mind. Who knows, it may just be available for you in the very near future.

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