Fusing Mind Power and Tech

The time has come to fully harness the power of your mind. Mind Solutions is here, aiming to use technology to unlock possibilities, break down barriers and set your mind free to do the things that you have only dreamed of.

We are a group of visionaries, innovators and developers who aim to transform the world. We are working on various technologies and applications that will enable you to set your mind free. We began as a start-up company working in a traditional-raised garage door in Phoenix. However, ever since our apps have gained recognition, we were able to develop fast and estab-lish our brand as one of the best when it comes to ground-breaking technologies.

Mind Solutions is now based in Los Angeles, in the tech capital of the world, as we continue to scale up and develop solutions to challenges that hamper humans. We have partnered with the experts in the industry and the best in the field in order to deliver technological solutions that will simply unlock your mind power. We are currently working in different fields. Please refer to our listing below to see what we have in store for you.

Defense and Security

We are working with governments and private entities from different parts of the world in order to build defense and security solutions in response to challenges. Our main focus are applications that will be enabled and/or controlled by mind power, without the need for additional gadgets. Currently, we have rolled out several innovations that are being tested by governments and mili-tary agencies for practical applications.


Mind Solutions has started with developing gaming applications that do not require additional tools or gadgets but simply game power. We have developed applications that simply use the brain to get cars to start, to fight with opponents and to engage in online gaming. Most of our games only require a screen where the game is played and a mind control set that transmits brain signals to enable gaming moves.

Home Applications

We are currently engaged in creating a growing set of applications for the home. Our goal is to make it more comfortable for the family by creating a smart home where each appliance and each room can be controlled by a family member’s mind. We are currently piloting several appli-cations, for garage doors,  bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Soon, we are aiming to scale up production and mainstream all of these technologies.

Do you have a specific application in mind that you think we should be working on? Let us know. We welcome suggestions from the public so that we will be able to create technologies that have practical applications and will be used in the home, offices and in various fields. Mind Solutions aim to be your partner in transforming the world and making it a better and more comfortable place for each one of us. We hope that you will support us in this endeavor.

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